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Audio SW Video SW Video Driver Remote Control VCXO+PLL PLL Video Decoder NTSC/PAL Video Encoder LDO Switching Reg Switching Reg Reset IrDA Controller IC Capacitive Sensor USB High-side SW P2ROM LDO 5-10ch Driver
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Products Description
Remote Control
Wireless Communication Module
LAPIS Technology's 2.4GHz wireless communication module integrates the elements in the module to realize wireless communication simply.
Clock Generator Series
ROHM's clock generators make it possible to generate the audio, video and system clocks required by digital devices utilizing proprietary PLL technology.
Video Decoder
Digital Video Decoder : ML86V7668A
LAPIS Technology's compact digital video decoder converts the analog video signal of NTSC, PAL, and the SECAM format into ITU-R BT.601/BT.656 YCbCr standard digital format.
NTSC/PAL Video Encoder
Digital Video Encoder : ML86V7656
LAPIS Technology's digital video encoder for the NTSC/PAL format converts the digital image data such as ITU-R BT.656 and ITU-R BT.601 into the analog video signal.
LDO Regulators
ROHM's standard LDO regulators are optimized for a variety of applications, such as car stereos and TVs
Switching Reg
Single-chip Type with built-in FET
ROHM's switching regulators with integrated MOSFET feature high frequency operation and high efficiency, contributing to greater compactness and energy savings.
Switching Reg
Large Current External FET Controller Type
ROHM controllers do not integrate a FET,ensuring greater design flexibility and potentially greater performance and efficiency.
Voltage Detector IC Series
ROHM reset ICs (voltage detectors) feature ±1% detection voltage accuracy, low power consumption, a thin, compact package, and are available in a wide range of voltages.
IrDA Controller IC
IrDA Controller ICs
ROHM's IrDA controllers enable IrDA communication by simply connecting it to the system for data exchange between applications.
Standard P2ROM
LAPIS Technology's P2ROM™(Production Programmed ROM) is short TAT read-only memory which can replace flash memory and mask ROM. It achieved no need of additional cost for programming and stock free for customers.
USB High-Side SW
Power Management Switch ICs: For PCs and Digital Consumer Products
ROHM's power management switch ICs for PCs and consumer electronic equipment integrates a low ON-resistance MOSFET switch and multiple protection circuits on a single chip.
5 to 10ch Driver
System Motor Drivers for CD / DVD Players
ROHM's system motor drivers for CD/DVD players are available with linear or PWM drive in a range of package types, from compact to units equipped with a heat sink, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

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